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Now synomous with the Genesis brand, we were unsure as to how the Croix de Fer would be recieved when we first introduced it back in 2010. We needn't have worried though; the Croix de Fer has become one of our greatest success stories.

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  • € 960.00

    The CdA takes the best elements from a traditional CX bike, like large clearances, disc brakes & low overall weight.

    € 960.00
  • € 1,073.00

    An escape route via the road-less-travelled or the near-perfect commuter with disc brakes and full length mudguard capabilities?

    € 1,073.00
  • € 684.00

    One speed to rule them all! With optimised ‘just right’ gearing (67 gear inches for those curious) that provides a happy medium for urban landscapes, the Day One 10 is perhaps the ideal low-maintenance, simplified daily workhorse for inner city jaunts.

    € 684.00
  • € 912.00

    Returning a similar range to a conventional double setup (30-92 gear inches, with a whole lot of useable range in between) and with mounts for racks both front and rear, the Day One 20 is the ideal low-maintenance workhorse for those wanting to perhaps carry moderate loads efficiently and comfortably over undulating landscapes.

    € 912.00
  • € 1,130.00

    Our new hybrid double-butted alloy frameset and carbon fork has enabled us to create an affordable way to get muddy! The Vapour CX10 is the perfect bike to get you off the tarmac and into the woods.

    € 1,130.00
  • € 1,245.00

    The revised Vapour CX blurs the line between the more traditional CX features and a modern Sportive/endurance road geometry on our brand new hybrid double-butted alloy tubeset.

    € 1,245.00
  • € 2,375.00

    The Vapour Carbon CX 10 will open your eyes to a wonderful world of adventure. A 2x10 Shimano Tiagra mix drivetrain and RS405 hydraullic disc brakes and a generous tyre clearance (up to 40C) will have you whipping around in the mud in no time!

    € 2,375.00
  • € 2,600.00

    There is little that Vapour Carbon CX20 will shy away from. A highly durable 24/30T Toray carbon frame with ample tyre clearance (up to 40c), due to lack of seat stay bridge, and 2x11 Shimano 105 mix drive train offers a silky smooth and confidence inspiring ride.

    € 2,600.00
  • € 3,165.00

    Race ready, light and durable. The Vapour Carbon CX30 challenges the status quo.

    € 3,165.00
  • € 1,225.00

    As you might've already deduced from our thoroughly un-original naming , the Tour de Fer uses the ever-popular tried-and-tested Croix de Fer frame platform with a few choice tweaks to transform it into a capable, new-age, disc-equipped tourer ready for duty straight from the box.

    € 1,225.00
  • € 989.00

    Cut from the same cloth as the longstanding Croix de Fer, and using the same tried-and-tested frame and fork platform, the Borough is a robust workhorse of a bike designed to carry the rider and luggage from A to B in style, with speed, sophistication and comfort.

    € 989.00
  • € 769.00

    The Col du Glandon is the smaller peak that sits to the side of the Croix de Fer.

    € 769.00
  • € 840.00

    Step forward the single-speed cross bike – no gears to miss-shift, no derailleurs to clog-up and no expensive shifter units to smash. Add disc brakes to the mix too and you've got all the mud clearance and all-weather stopping power you could ever need.

    € 840.00
  • € 1,299.00

    New shifting duties are performed by J-Tek's excellent indexed bar-end shifter; made from high- quality, 100% aluminium, precision-CNC'd in their Hugo, Montana workshop. Not only one of the lightest bar-end shifters on the market at a svelte 64g, the J-Tek unit offers solid, crisp, positive performance and proven reliability

    € 1,299.00
  • € 2,889.00

    We were more than a little bit excited when, last year, Shimano extended their Di2 electronic shifting technology to the Alfine hub gear range of components.

    € 2,889.00
  • € 1,259.00

    Born from the same DNA as its' Croix de Fer bigger brother, the CdF retains the same great versatility and 'go anywhere' attitude as the full-fat Croix, but in a more affordable package.

    € 1,259.00
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items