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Reduced price! Cateye Volt 100 Rapid X	View larger

Cateye Volt 100 Rapid X

New product

This is one of the best performing, low value and rechargeable light sets on the market.
Whether you are cycling home from work through a busy and lively city to taking a stroll through some quieter lanes in the country.
This combination of rechargeable lights brings convenience and easy use, two things you want with a set of lights.

More details

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The Volt 100 produces, max; 150 Lumens, and the Rapid X rear light produces an eye catching 25 Lumens.
The integrated rechargeable battery has a great run time, from 2 to 30 hours depending on the mode that you are using.
Between High, low and flash you will always be able to find the right mode for the situation.
The Rapid X uses 25 Lumens to warn traffic approaching you that you are on the road cycling.
The Ultra bright LED strip is to thank for the incredible visibility that the Rapid X gives off.
Lasting up to 30 hours, depending on what mode you are using, it will last a couple of commutes or rides before having to charge again.
Even when the Rapid X is on charge it only takes 2 hours to reach full battery, which is ideal for plugging in 2 hours before the end of your working day or if you have enough time in the morning.

To see Where I am going
150 Lumens (Volt 100), 25 Lumens (Rapid X)
High: 2 Hrs, Low: 6 Hrs, Flashing: 30 Hrs (Volt 100), Constant 5 hours, Flashing 30 hour, Rapid 16 hour, Pulse 16 hour and Vibration 8 hour runtimes (Rapid X)
High, Low and Flashing (Volt 100), Constant, Flashing, Rapid, Pulse and Vibration (Rapid X)
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Volt 100), Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery (Rapid X)
Flextight Bracket/mount (Volt 100), O-ring attachment (Rapid X)