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  • € 2,200.00 € 3,419.00

    From the beginning, Ridley has been at the forefront of bicycle aerodynamics. Before it was a fad, we developed and patented a series of FAST technologies setting the benchmark for what an ‘aero road bike’ should be.

    € 2,200.00 € 3,419.00
  • € 2,000.00 € 2,755.00

    You can have all the advantages a pro rider can’t have. Braking late before a corner, descending securely in wet conditions. Guys in the pro peloton are dreaming of those things, but they are not allowed to ride with disc brakes yet. We don’t see a reason you can’t!

    € 2,000.00 € 2,755.00
  • € 1,750.00 € 2,260.00

    Full mechanical Shimano Ultegra wide-range gearing, the forgiving, compliant ride of a good steel frame, generous tyre clearances and mudguard and rear rack eyelets, the Equilibrium Disc 30 is the perfect 'one' bike for any tarmac occasion, whether that be commuting to work, sucking up the pothole thumps, fast weekend club rides or even tackling the...

    € 1,750.00 € 2,260.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items