Electric Bikes Cork

What is an Electric Bike:

- An Electric Bike is a bicycle that has been fitted with an electric motor and a battery. Once you begin to pedal, the motor monitors your effort levels. When the motor detects the cyclist needs assistance, the motor will engage giving a boost, allowing them to cycle up hills effortlessly, and cruise through the city without breaking a sweat! The amount of power the motor outputs directly matches that of the user, making the integration seamless.

Why buy an ebike:

- Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) are a quick and economical method of mobility. Looking to take weight off fatigued legs, in need of some assistance getting up Cork's infamous Patricks Hill? E-Bikes are for you!
E-Bikes specialised ‘step-through’ frame shape and power assist systems make E-Bikes the ultimate choice for those suffering from hip, back or knee pain, due to the rider's upright riding position.
E-Bikes remove many of the obstacles and challenges people can face with traditional bicycles.

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