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Electric Bikes Cork

Electric bicycles offer motor assistance to cyclists and allow people with all different abilities to travel further distances with comfort . Leading E-bike manufacturers across the globe continue to use modern-day technology to develop motors with impressive battery life. The built-in motor is activated when its user begins to pedal, the faster you pedal the more power is given by the motor. The pedal-assist continues to work up to 25kmh and once this limit is reached the motor is deactivated. However, you can still reach higher speeds without the motor support. E-bikes are perfect for commuting to work and building fitness and are becoming increasingly popular with the cycle to work scheme. Electric bikes come in many different frame shaped from step through to hybrid or mountain bike styles all can offer the extra assistance to make the journey more pleasurable .The ridgeback Electron range is a good example of a step through frame , easy to get on and off with a very low frame . The electric bikes are for everyone. The advantage of an electric bike is they can be used by complete beginners and experienced cyclists . E-bikes open lots of possibilities. They can be used for commuting or a weekend spin .Hills are very easy on an E bike , the power assist helps you . No commute is too long to do on an e-bike. The range of an electric bike's battery allows up to 150km assisted! Electric bikes come at many different price point to suit the type of use , the range on a full charge can be vary depending on the electric system .