Ridgeback Mountain Bikes

The Terrain Series

- Ridgeback's 'Terrain' Mountain Bike Series is the ultimate choice for any rider! The 'Terrain' family features four distinct levels to suit every budget and rider! Each level utilises the same hydroformed ultra-lightweight aluminium frame

The Terrain 1

- The Terrain 1 is Ridgeback's entry-level option to this series making it perfect for a young rider's first off-road adventure! Utilising a lightweight aluminium frame, solid fork, traditional V-brakes and Shimano 21-speed gears, it's perfect to climb those steep hills with ease!

The Terrain 2

- The Terrain 2 is the second level within the Terrain family, keeping the same lightweight aluminium frame as its predecessor.

With the addition of a new Suntour 100mm suspension paired with the Terrains knobbly tyres it's sure to give a comfortable ride during the day-to-day commute and on the hills!

The Terrain 3

- The Terrain 3 is the best value and is the ultimate choice for any rider! Utilising an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame and 100mm suspension.

The Terrain 3 gains cable disc brakes for assured stopping power in all conditions! Particularly in the rain here in Ireland!
The Shimano drivetrain provides smooth and reliable shifting, even under load and on bumpy terrain. The triple chainring setup allows a wide range of 21 gears, allowing you to easily climb steep sections and bomb back down the descent. And matched with the 100mm SR Suntour suspension fork that smooths lumps, bumps, and roots as you enjoy the ride around your local woodland loops.

The Terrain 4

- Finally, the Terrain 4 is the last edition in this series. This bike is the ultimate mountain bike for any occasion! Inheriting the ultra lightweight aluminium frame and 100mm suspension from its predecessor.

The Terrain 4 gains hydraulic disc brakes and a higher quality premium 24-speed Shimano gear set. Making sure even the inexperienced rider can climb steep inclines with ease, and stop the bike safely in wet and freezing conditions!

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